—— folk family and jam


I asked my love to take a walk
Take a walk, just a litle way
So's she and I could have a talk,
All about our weddin' day

Then only say, that you'll be mine
And in no other arms entwine
Down beside where the waters flow
Down by the banks of the Ohio

I took her by her pretty white hand
I led her down that bank of sand
I pushed her in where she would drown
Lord I watched her as she drifted down

I starte home twixt twelve and one
I cried my God, what have I done
I've murdered the only woman I love
Because she would not be my bride

From:  Alex Campbell probably.  But it is one that floats around.  I sang it with Derek on my first (and only) professional job as folk singer (1964).

It is one of the many stories of men drowning their women.  There are many reasons for this sort of stuff.  He wants her father's money (Knight from the North Country).  She's pregnant and he doesn't want to be tied down (Pretty Polly; Omie Wise).  I rather fell for the slight twist - he's the one who says what a bastard he is; and he does seem to regret. 

Probably from 19th century.  Recorded in 1936 by the Monroe brothers; subsequently by Cash, Carter, Doc Watson, Olivia Newton John and who knows who else.