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Banuar, Banuar, Banuar-i-o
Banuar Banuar Banuar-i-o

Well won't you come to me girlie
Won't you bring me my bail
For a drink and a fight  On a Saturday night
Brought me down in the Banuar jail

I didn't mean to be fighting
Causing you all of this pain
But a fellow by the name of Jonathan Riley
Was scandalizing your name

Well the Banuar jail is cold and damp
And rats run over the floor
Just ten and three   Will set me free
I'll be yours for ever more.

From:   New Horizon.

A nice song for a sing-song - a chorus that's easy to learn, a tune lending itself to easy harmonies.  Dave taught me a new rhythm (using both thumb and fingers) which he called calypso.  And maybe it was.  And maybe the lyrics are from the West Indies somewhere.  
Ten and three is of course ten shillings and threepence - about 50p nowadays.

First version is Helen and Dave.  Dave liked Helen's voice - and he could get her to sing into a microphone.  She would have been about 11 then.
Second version is a Christmas do with family and friends.