—— folk family and jam


Peta's version
One morning fair as I roved out
All down by Blackwater side.
In gazing all around me
the Irish gal I spied.
All red and rosy were her cheeks
And coalblack was her hair
All around her waist was a sash like gold
That my Irish girl did wear

I took her by the mik white hand
And I viewed her o'er and o'er
I asked her into my bedroom
For to spend an hour or more
She said kind sir I am too young
For to go with such as you
Well the younger you be sure the better for me
I can never prove falsely kind

So in all the first part of the night
we lay in sport and play,
And in the last part of the night
She in my arms did lay
Till this young man arose and he gathered his clothes,
He said, “Fare you well my dear.”

Ah but that's not the promise that you made me
All down by Blackwater Side
The promise I made I'll never forget
I was never intent to kjeep
I was never intent for to marry a girl
with her hair tossed about like you

go home, to your mammy
go home and cry your fill.
For it's when fishes 'll fly and the seas run dry,
'Tis then that I'll marry you.

Bert Jansch' version
One morning fair I took the air
Down by Blackwater side.
'Twas in gazing all, all around me
'Twas the Irish lad I spied.

All through the first part of the night
We lay in sport and play,
Till this young man he arose and gathered his clothes,
He said, “Fare thee well to thee.”

That's not the promise that you gave to me
When first you lay on my breasts,
You could make me believe with your lying tongue
That the sun rose in the west.

Then go home, to your father's garden,
You go home and weep your fill.
And think of your own misfortune
That you brought with your wanton will.

The Peta Webb track is from I have wandered in exile.  You can hear it on iTunes, Spotify etc.
This is a bit cheeky, this is from a record.  But there are two reasons why: one, she and Dave were into folk stuff together, so she was a big influence:  two, she has a fantastic voice. 

The Jansch track is from about the same time.  He learned the song from Ann Briggs.  His girlfriend at the time, a traditional singer. Again I am transgressing here - but think of it as an advertisement.  
It just goes to show what can happen to a song.  Obviously Peta is singing as it would have sounded (only better perhaps).  Bert is using the song as a platform for guitar and stuff.