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Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee

Kris Kristoffersen, Fred Foster

RA, 2008

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, heading for the trains
Feeling 'bout as faded as my jeans
Bobby thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained
Took us all the way to New Orleans
I took my harp on out of my dirty red bandanna
I was blowin' soft while Bobby sang the blues
With them windscreen wipers slappin' time
And Bobby clappin' hands
We finally sang up every song that driver knew.

Well freedom's just another word
For nothing left to lose
Nothing ain't worth nothing but it's free
Feelin good was easy lord when Bobby sang them blues
Feelin good was good enough for me:

From the coalmines of Kentucky to the California sun
Bobby learned the secrets of my soul
Well standin right beside me through ever'thin' I done
And in the night she kept me from the cold
But somewhere round Salinas Lord, I let her slip away
Searchin' for a home I hope she'll find
But I'd trade all of my tomorrows for a single yesterday
Holdin Bobby's body close to mine

Freedom's just another word ...

From   Kris Kristoffersen.  

The first recorded versions (Roger Miller, Gordon Lightfoot, Kris himself) were slowish country.  Janis changed all that. 

A lot of people have recorded this.  Who hasn't.  And now me.