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Bowling Green

I wisht I was in Bowlin' Green, sittin on the square
One arm round my whisky jug, the other round my dear
Other round my dear, Bowling Green
Oo-oh-oh dear old Bowlin Green

Wisht I was a bumble bee buzzin through the air
Buzz beside my Patsy dear, touch her if you dare

Well if you see that gal o mine tell her once from me
If she loves another man I will set her free

If you love me Patsy dear put your hand in mine
If you love another man I'll leave you behind


From    New Horizon, or possibly Alex Campbell - the famous Way out West album.

It's good for singing loudly.  A large number together.  There can be differences of opinion as to how long the chorus lasts.

Bowling Green is the name of a (smallish) town in Ohio - and in Kentucky.  It is also the name of a famous park on Manhattan.  Something suggests that it is Kentucky we're talking about here.  The Everly brothers have recorded a song Bowling Green, which is not the same (not the same song at any rate, it may be the same town).