—— folk family and jam



As you walk thro' the streets of this town
Keep your eyes open just look around
It ain't so hard to see, those who soon they will be
The pride of this country of ours

Well they say we must get a degree
That's why we're sent here for free
Yeah we know why we're here,  twenty-four weeks a year
And if we had time to spare
Well maybe we'd do that as well

Oh we haven't a care to our name
With shillings its just 'bout the same
We spend all we earn, before the end of term
We never will learn
That money's for saving not spending


This is absolutely the first song I wrote.  That is my excuse.
There was a charity day at the university - everybody was supposed to earn money for a specified charity.  I and Dick Peacocke decided for reasons best known to ourselves that we would dress up in pyjamas, complete with bare feet - and this was in October -  I would play the guitar and sing, and he would go around with the collecting box.  The amazing thing is that nobody really thought it odd.  I wrote this song for the occasion.