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cool water

All day I face the barren waste without the taste of water,
Cool water.
Old Dan and I with throats burned dry and souls that cry for water,
Cool water.

Keep a movin' Dan, don't you listen to him Dan, he's a devil not a man
and he spreads the burnin' sand with water.
Cool water
Dan can't you see that big green tree where the waters runnin' free
and it's waiting there for you and me.
Cool water.

I gaze at the sky, way up high, at night my thoughts they wander
Cool water.
The coyotes howl the wind is cool each star's a pool of water,
Cool Water.


From   I bought the record - the Rooftop Singers.  It was the B side of "Walk Right In", which was what I bought it for - I was fascinated by that 12-string + vocal harmony sound.  Like the Seekers for example.

Written by Bob Nolan way back.  
It's about a man and his mule (Dan) in the desert.
This is another of the songs that has gone down into family history.  Mum returns from a shopping expedition in a cold and torrential rainstorm, stands on the mat at the front door with water running down her neck and dripping into the shopping and on to the floor, and here's the refrain Coo-oo-ool water sounding loudly from the gramaphone.