—— folk family and jam

the cuckoo

Oh the cuckoo, she's a fine bird
And she does to us no harm
And she eats up all the grub worms
That destroy our Daddy's farm

Oh the cuckoo, she's a fine bird
And she hollers as she cries
And she never Hollers cuckoo
Till the fourth day of July

Well I've gambled down in Florida
I've gambled up in Maine
And I bet you fi' dollars
That I beat you very next game

Jack o' diamonds Jack o' diamonds
I know you of old
Well you robbed my poor pocket
Of it silver and its gold

Gonna build me a log cabin
On the mountain top so high
So's I can see my Polly
As sh goes riding by

Well sometimes I wonder
what makes women love their men
Then I turn around and I wonder
What makes men love them


From:   Perhaps the New Lost City Ramblers?  Or just from Dave - he did a version too.

This is really just a banjo tune, with random verses from stock thrown in.

The cuckoo often turns up in folk songs.  Not normally a good sign - one starts "Can you hear them cuckoos hollerin, - sign of rain, buddy, a sign of rain."