—— folk family and jam

doing this

I'm doing this as best I can
You can't ask more of any man
And on my way I hope I'll find
Moments of joy and peace of mind.

And I hope when it's over and my time it is out
I'll have faced all my fears and known all my doubts

Oh when I was young I tried so hard to see
How I thought others would want me to be
But now that I'm older grown slower and grey
I care less and less about what they say

I've made my mistakes I've hurt my friends
Those things stick with you until life ends
And love I have known at least by name
But I'm not complaining I guess no-one's to blame


Yes, I wrote it. 

This is the sort of stuff you can churn out when you're feeling a bit miserable, a bit sorry for yourself, but not desperate.  The feeling perhaps that, looking back, you don't seem to have got where you wanted, without being able to say where it went wrong.  Or, actually where you really wanted to go.