—— folk family and jam

drill ye tarriers


Every morning at seven o'clock,
there's sixty tarriers a-working at the rock
well the boss comes round and he says keep still
and come down heavy on your cast-iron drill

And drill ye tarriers drill
Drill ye tarriers drill
For it's work all day
For the sugar in your tay
Down behind the railroad
And drill ye tarriers drill

The boss is a fine man down to the ground
He married a woman 'bout 40 foot round
She bakes good bread, she bakes it well
She bakes it hard as the holes in hell

New foreman is Jim McCann
by God he is a blamed mean man
Last week a premature blast went off
and a mile in the sky went big Jim Gough

When next payday came around
Jim Gough a dollar short was found
When he ask't for why came this reply
You was docked for the time you was up in the sky

From  New Horizon, Steve, Dave.

An American folk song from 1800s, attributed to Thomas Casey.  A recording is still extant of Arthur Collins singing "a rousing comic song" on an Edison gold moulded record.  Our version is plainly from the Weavers.
Steve and Dave did a recording in the garage (best acoustics?). Dave arranged the song, agreeing on what was played beforehand.  Not my strong point, so I wasn't invited.

I sang this song with my classes for years: and finally recorded a slightly altered version.