—— folk family and jam

East Virginia

I was born in East Virginia
South Carolina I did roam
And there I met a fair young maiden
whose name and age I do not know

Her hair it was a brightsome colour
Cheeks they were a rosy red
And her breasts were white as lilies
'Twas there I longed to lay my head

Oh in the night I dream about her
In the day I get no rest
Just the thought of my darlin'
Sends racing pains all through my breast

Well I'd rather be in some dark country
Where the sun would never shine
Than to see her with another
And to know she'd never be mine


From Joan Baez, but it was one of Steve's favourites.

The words are sometimes rather strange.  I think Steve (and I) rather liked to preserve (as we saw it) the obscure words and references, finding them evocative in their opaqueness.  Pete Seeger recorded a more energetic version.

The Carter family recorded it back in the 30's - but it seems to have been around the Appalaichans a time by then.