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Easy rider

Easy Rider,
See what you gone done
You made me love you
Now your man done come

Sometimes I gets this notion
Jump in the water and drown
If I can't get your love gal
Think I'm going to leave this town

From I heard this originally from Leadbelly.  His Last Sessions recording that he did in his sitting room I suppose, to a microphone held by Alan Lomax.  He probably claims to have written it. 

I loved Leadbelly's (Big Bill Broonzy etc etc) blues - the plangent voice, the cogent text.  This one has been with me in countless evolving versions, many of them mercifully unrecorded.  This is the latest.
(Which incidentally is not at all like Leadbelly's version) 
 The title is also known as C.C.Rider, See See Rider - and exists in many versions.
It was  a no. 1 hit with Wea Bea Booze in 1943; it got vamped up a bit later, and the Animals also recorded it in 1966.

Nobody can agree on what Easy Rider actually means - and there are all sorts of fantastic explanations.  I've always seen in this context riding as being done in bed - or the kitchen table or whatever; "easy" as in "giving me ease".  It seems to make sense to me that way.