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going home

I'm going home, I'm going home, going home
I'm going home, I'm going home, going home
'Cos I've been where I have been
And I've seen what I have seen
Now I'm leaving it behind, I'm going home,
Leaving it behind, I'm going home.

My mind is clear now
If I can see a way
My mind is made up
Nothing to make me stay
But where is the road I wandered on before?
Where is the path, that leads to my front door?

I'm going home, ...

Home is where I belong
If I belong somewhere
Well you can't find me
Maybe you'll find me there
'Cos I have seen the rain, dripping from the trees
I have seen the streams, running to the seas

I'm going home ...


 From  The first (and last) song I ever made up on a keyboard.  I suppose it's in D minor, but actually it's the result of conditions I set myself - use all the (reasonable) three tone chords that can be made with the white keys.  Dmi, Emi, F, G, Ami, C.  (Not B-D-F though)
I don't really know what the song is about;  you might think it's about death - going to heaven and that sort of stuff, but assuredly heaven was not on my mind then, nor now.
I've recorded it in a number of versions. 
When I became the owner of a Western guitar 2008 it sparked off efforts to master this new instrument.  This is one of the first tracks with a Western guitar.