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Good morning blues

Good morning, blues

RA, Spanish 2007

I woke up this morning, blues all round my bed
Woke up this morning, blues all round my bed
So early in the morning, this is what I said

Good morning blues, good morning, how do you do
Well I'm doing all right, good morning, how are you

Well I wish I'd listened to what my mama said
Then I wouldn't be here now, thinkin' 'bout the life I led

Well the sun's gonna shine on my back door some day
The wind it's gonna rise, blow my blues away

I was convinced that I had got this from Leadbelly.  Or perhaps Big Bill Broonzy.  That he gave a little intro, saying that if you wake up in the morning, see blues everywhere you look, then you got to be mighty careful and real polite, or you'll be looking at one bad day.
Despite trawling through archives I've never found that intro, although Leadbelly does give one.  And this isn't how Leadbelly sings it.  So where did it come from?
The first verse, I know, I kind of made up myself (from the intro).  The second is the definitive verse that appears in all versions.  The others are errant standard blues verses that have somehow come to rest here.  The tune sounds just natural for a blues framework.  No doubt I've stolen it all, but I have no idea where from.