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highland faerie

I left my baby lying here, lying here, lying here
To go and gather blaeberries
Hobhan hobhan goriol gol
I never found my baby o

I heard the curlew crying far
I never heard my baby o

I searched the moor and tarn and then
Wandered through the silent glen
Saw the mist upon the ben
But never saw my baby o

From    Robin Hall and Jimmie McGregor.
The recording I made with Derek (can't remember his surname - Walcott?).  He had been offered a job singing at a company Christmas party!  And he said we could do it.  And then he asked me.  I agreed, and we practised once before we went.  It was my first (and only!) professional engagement as a folk singer.  It was not a great success - and afterwards we raced through the streets of North London to the nearest underground station, clutching our guitars and our £10 notes, not quite sure whether we were escaping from the embarrassing situation, or aiming for a pub to celebrate.

Well it is called a lullaby, but of course it is about a baby who has been snatched by the fairies (faeries) while mother was doing something else - gathering blueberries for example.

Tarn is a mountain lake, glen (as in Glen Coe) is a long mountain valley, ben (as in Ben Nevis) is a mountain.

Have to confess - Robin and Jimmie did it better.