—— folk family and jam

I never will marry

As I went out walking
Down by the sea shore
The wind it did whistle
And the waves they did roar

I heard a fair maiden
Make a pitiful cry
It sounded so lonesome
In the waters nearby

I never will marry
I'll be no man's wife
I know I'll stay single
All the days of my life

Shells in the ocean
Shall be my deathbed
Fish in deep waters
Swim over my head

She threw her bare body
In the water so deep
She closed her blue eyes
In the waters to sleep

From  New Horizon I guess.

Probably this is a combination of various free-floating verses; with a title and theme like that there are enough of them going round.  
I never will marry seems rather irrelevant if you're just about to drown yourself.  There are so many other things you won't do. 
I'll stay single all the days of my life. 
The Carter family (Anita) recorded a version of this.  Predictably, with a title like that there are also other unrelated songs that have the same title