—— folk family and jam

I once loved a maid

I once loved a maid and I loved her so well
That I hated all others of her that spak ill
And now she's rewarded me well for my paions
For she's gone to be wed to another.

When that I saw my love down the church go
With bride and bridesmaidens she made a fine show
I followed me after my heart full of woe
For I was the one should have had her

And when that I saw my love sit down to meat
I sat myself by her but nothing could eat
I thought her fair company sweeter than wine
For I was the one should have wed her

Go dig me my grave dig it long wide and deep
And cover all over with flowers so sweet
And there I will lay down and take my long sleep
For that's the best way to forget her

The men in the forest, they askéd of me
How many strawberries grow in the salt sea
I answered 'em back with a tear in me eye
How many ships sail in the forest

I've heard versions by the Copper family, by A L Lloyd.  But I guess I got this one from the Pentangle.
There are a million versions.  And a million other songs with the same them.

The last verse is from Pentangle's version.  Haven't the faintest idea what it means.