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Little grey horse

Little grey horse, 1 

RA, 1966

RA, Western, 2008

Well, once I had a little grey horse
I fed him on oats and wine of course
Made him a bridle out of pearl
He'd run for me to the end of the world
Then one day my horse got sick
Had to fetch a doctor very quick

Well the doctor came a ringing his bell
Said your horse it won't get well
Now I loved that horse like a son of my own
Said cure him doctor or I'll knock you down
The doctor left he left very fast
The first time I've seen him and I hope it's the last

So I said to my horse well please don't die
He said to me all right I'll try
Horse got well very soon
I rode him again that afternoon
That's why I made him a bridle of pearl
It's why he'll run to the edge of the world.


Apart from the Cambridge song, this is my first effort.  

I've never had a horse.  When I was 5 I had a ride on a horse at a church fête.  I was terrified, and I've never ridden a horse since, nor have I wanted to. 
So obviously this is a picture of something else.  

I don't have a recording of this song, other than ones I have made over 40 years later.  But this is more or less how I played it then.