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Little greyhorse 2

Little grey horse 2

RA, 1967

RA, Western, 2008

Now I lent my horse to another man
And that man rides him as he hard as he can
When he brought him back to me he said
I'm afraid your horse has broken his leg
So I quickly ran to my horse's stall
There was nothing I could do at all

Well my horse will never be the same
His leg won't mend he's always be lame
Yes the days when I could my horse are gone
Still I can walk beside him and lead him on

In the day he longs for what used to be
In the night he dreams he's out riding with me
Still my horse's coat is silver grey
And silver grey's how it's gonna stay
He said he'd walk with me to the end of the world
I said thank you and made him a saddle of pearl. 


I think I had the sequel in mind when I wrote the first one.  I don't know much about horses, and especially not much about all their equipment, but a bridle is what you use to lead a horse, and a saddle is what you use when you ride it.  So the gifts are thought of as that, gifts, not useful equipment.


It was always slower, obviously not so chirpy.