—— folk family and jam

little moses

Away by the waters so blue
The ladies were winding their way
When Pharaoh's  little daughter
Came down to the water
To bathe in the cool of the day
And before it was dark
She looked in the ark
And found sweet infant was there.

Away by the waters so blue
She carried that beautiful child
To her tender mother
her sister and brother
Little Moses looked happy and smiled
And she called him her own
Her beautiful son
And sent for nurse that was near

Away by the sea that was red so red
Stood Moses the servant of God
Before him subsided
The waters subsided
As upward he lifted his rod
And the Jews safely crossed
While Pharaoh's host
Were drownded in the water and lost

Well away in the mountains so high
The last one that he ever doid see
With Israel victorious
His hopes were most glorious
Well some day will Jordan be free
When his spirit did cease
He departed in peace
And rested in the heavens above.

From This version is from Joan Baez, I guess.  I got it from New Horizon?

This is another of the practice tapes, for the job where Derek and I accepted money for playing this stuff.  And they actually gave us the money - after we had played.  That was very polite of them.
Steve was there at the session, and at one point someone comes round from the Crusaders - the Bible class we got sent off to for some obscure reason that I have never managed to fathom - asking Steve where head been the last four weeks.  Since Mum didn't know he hadn't been to Crusaders, a certain amount of discretion was called for.  But also a certain amount of speculation as to what he had been getting up to.
Sometimes Steve and I used to go trainspotting, or just for walks up on Wimbledon Common instead of going to Crusaders.  That may not have been what Steve was doing.