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Lonesome whistle

Lonesome whistle

Hank Williams, Jimmy Davies

RA, Western, 2008

I was riding number nine
Heading south for Carolin'
I heard that lo - oh -onesome whistle blow

Got in trouble, had to roam
Left my gal and left my home
I hear that lonesome whistle blow

Just a kid, acting smart
I went and broke my true love's heart
Guess I was too young to know

They took me off the Georgia main
Tied me to a ball and chain
I heard that lonesome whistle blow

All alone I bear the shame
I'm a number not a name
I heard that lonesome whistle blow

I'll be locked here in my cell
Till my body's just a shell
And my hair turns whiter than snow

I'll never see that gal of mine
I'm in Georgia doing time
I heard that lonesome whistle blow.



From Johnny Cash.  Typical of him.  I thought he had written it.

One small (?) mistake - and your life is ruined, and this is the song about it.

It's from the historic album that Al Levine gave Dave.