—— folk family and jam

Look away

Gonna build me a desrick on yonderside hill
Where them wild things can't reach me or hear my sad cry
For he's gone he's gone away to stay a little while
but he'll be back though he's gone ten thousand miles
Look away look away look away over yonder-o
Where them wild things are flyin' from bough to bough
A-mating with their mates so why not me with mine

When first he came courting he courted me by charm
And then when he saw me I rolled in his arms
Since we met together this world is so wide
And he told me no other should e'er be his bride

But young men they all like to ramble around
Away to some foreign country they'll go
And leave their true love with broken heart
and many a tear to overflow

There's a many a star in the heavens above
And the green grass just a growing below
What a heavy heavy cross will hang on the man
That will go on a-treatin a poor girl so

From Tom
I have no idea what a desrick is.
There is a very persistent version of this

I'll go build me a desrick on Yandro's high hill,
Where the wild beasts won't bother me nor hear me cry;
For he's gone, he's gone away for to stay a little while,
But he's comin' back if he goes ten thousand miles.

Look away, look away, look away over Yandro ...

I can't believe it's anything but a mishearing, but the strange thing is (I see on the net) that people have latched on to Yandro as a concept - a non-existent country or region.  Over the rainbow perhaps. 
Manly Wade Wellman - award-winning author of science fiction, horror and others - actually wrote a story called The Desrick on Yandro.