—— folk family and jam

never again

Never again will I step these steps
Never again will I be
Never again will I be what I was
Never again will I see

Once and for all I have gone my way
Once and for all no return
Once and for all I have played my part
Once and for all I have learned

Have I spent it did I waste it
Did I throw it all away
Will I regret did I expect
That I would get somewhere some day
Perhaps I've seen it all before
perhaps there's waiting for me more
of the same
Perhaps it's another time around
Perhaps it's for eternity I'm bound
Perhaps it's just a game to pass the time 

I started writing it while walking around as invigilator (guard) during written exams. 
For some reason this became the focus of my messing around on the guitar - and therefore the recordings have lengthy intros that have little or nothing to do with the song.  But there you go.