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rissolty rossolty

I married a wife in the month of June
Rissolty rossolty now now now
I carried her off by the light of the moon
Rissolty rossolty hey bombosity knickerty knackerty
ruddy good quality willaby wallaby now now now

She combed her hair but once a year
With every rake she gave a tear

She swept the room but once a year
She swore the broom was much too dear

She churns the butter in Dad's old boot
And for a dasher she uses her foot

The butter turned out a grisly grey
Ther cheese took legs and ran away


From    I learned this one in school - at the age of four - so that's 60 years ago.  Hitchcock uses it in "Birds" as the background to the birds' attack on a kindergarten.  Counterpoint. 
But this is Dave and Helen - the only sister of those three brothers - mostly Helen.  Pete Seeger does a version, it might have been from there.
One of many songs about unsavoury wives, who neglect their duty.  Some of them end with the husband finding a remedy - she gets a beating in the Wee cooper of Fife.  Feminists would have a field day - and I can see their point.  This one seems mostly to revel a bit in how yucky it all is.