—— folk family and jam

Soft as a shadow

She's soft as a shadow, like moss on a hill
But make no mistake, she's dresses up to kill.

She sleeps like a kitten, and moves like a cat
But you'd better believe, she knows where it's at

She's smooth as a millpond, calm as the sea
But I'm telling you, she can get rough with me 

It all started (like Where you goin baby) with Jes in the school band.  Whatever we were supposed to be playing in the band ("band" as in group of people doing things together rather than "band" as in orchestra) if I asked - how does it go, what are the chords? he would answer - It's just a blues.
And it probably was.  OK I thought - if that's how it is, anybody can do that, write a blues.  So I did it.


It came to me lying in bed.  Awake, or half awake at any rate.  A number of people I know would say: Too much coffee.  I think that's probably a contradiction in terms.  Anyway; it came to me like this - I decided not to change it.

If anyone feels they have heard it before, I know what you mean.  I probably stole it all from someone or other; but it has not been deliberate or conscious.  If anybody thinks they have heard it before and can actually identify from where, I would be flattered.  And pleased to know.