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Stealin. Stealin,
Mamma don't you tell on me
'Cos I'm stealin back to the same old used to be
Well put your arms around me like a circle round the sun
I want you to love me, baby, like my easy rider done
You don't believe I love you
Look what a fool I've been
You don't believe I love you
Look what a hole I'm in
Stealin ...


From   Everybody sings this song.  I guess I got it from Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee.
The first recording is by the Memphis Jug Band in 1928.  They claim authorship - but probably they just put together things that had been knocking around anyway, stuck it together (not very successfully actually) with some of their own stuff.  Nobody knows now.

There are other verses (and other versions) but I like it as it is.  Cryptic.  Easy rider I guess is a girl friend of some kind (but see Easy Rider Blues - when it comes - for the ambiguities).