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What is folk anyway?



Where does my stuff come from?

This is quite simple.  From Dave and Steve.  And records (and friends) that they brought home.

Dave and Steve got a lot of their inspiration from New Horizon Camps – an organization run by a Swiss eccentric by the name of Erik Gander.  But they too picked things up from friends.  Dave picked things up from Heritage – the Oxford Folk Music Society, where he came into contact with all sorts – Alex Campbell, Peggy Seeger, Ewan MacColl for example. 

And Dave brought home friends – Al the Canadian, who gave Dave a record of Johnny Cash (with his hot and blue guitar).  It made a much greater impression on me (and Dad) than it did on Dave I am sure.  Dave was sort of into originals.  APCarter family; last sessions with Leadbelly; Bob and Ron Copper; Jeannie Robertson; some Irish geezer on Uillean pipes.

And I have kept on doing it.  Because I like it.  Singing.  And the sound of my own voice.

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