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What can you find here - and how did it happen?

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Folk stuff is just recordings - plus a bit of info on the tracks.
There are three phases to the recordings.
1. The 60s.  Recordings of Dave (DJ), Tom (his friend) plus various singing sessions, including a few enjoyable sessions with Steve (SR) and me (RA) - enjoyable for us that is.
2. The next 40 years.  A few jam sessions with Steve; a few recordings with me.

3. In 2007 I bought a Zoom microphone, and decided to record the songs that have meant so much to me over the years.  That's what I did.

On the pages with the individual tracks there is the text - if it's a song - and a bit of info.

That was the bare bones: you want to hear more about the project, click on the buttons below.