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What's on the site

Music.  Private recordings of folk music of some sort, plus a few jam sessions.  
It's all in the family.  The voices and instruments all belong to members of the family.  Plus a few friends.

The songs are mostly what we sang.  A fairly random selection of stuff that was buzzing around the folk scene in the 60's, and that happened to make it into our family.  

Folk was a family thing.  Though Steve and Dave were the prime movers, everybody took part - and nobody was unmoved. 
Sing Free South Africa concert with Pete Seeger in Oxford.  Folk concert at the Royal Festival Hall. 

Dad's deep voice laying the foundation for Way Down in the Mine.  Mum was perhaps the only one who didn't actually sing.  She claimed she couldn't hold a tune.  (So?  I didn't let that hold me back).  But she liked it - and she liked the way it bound the family together.  And probably the fact that it was slightly off-beat.

Recordings.  I have made all the recordings.  I do have a few tapes of the good old days (the 60's), but mostly I've had to record the good old songs again.  So the recordings are mostly of me; other people appear only in the 'historical' recordings - from back in the 60's.

But preserving it - that's my project.  I'm the one reconstructing the archives

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